Monday, September 6, 2010

One thousand gifts (967-978)

967. Book reading on a blanket under a shady tree.

968. After dinner card games for four.
969. White chip chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.
970. Windows open to cool breezes.
971. Backyard camp outs.

972. That the best things in life are free.
973. An undaunted friend who time-travels tears of broken hearts and disappointments in wee morning hours. And her book recommendation: Recovering From Losses in Life by H. Norman Wright. The next book club read.
974. State parks with a lake and sandy beach.

975. Hands to hold on a Saturday evening walk. After ice cream (Tin Roof for me).
976. Sunsets golden over tree tops and flaming farm fields rolling.
977. A cuddlebug who tells me I'm beautiful.
978. All of us together.

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