Monday, September 13, 2010

One thousand gifts (979-994)

979. Time spent with Lanie--the ride to school the first day of second grade at the co-op.
980. Lanie's answered prayer on the first day of school. =)
981. End-of-summer breezes ushering in fall.
982. Coffee with Jodie.
983. A vase of rosemary and its lovely fragrance in my kitchen.
984. Comfy, clean sheets.
985. Tightened belts.
986. The girls' friends over for dinner.
987. Family talks by candlelight.
988. Kids sleeping in after a full day.
989. Hugs.
990. Piano lessons.
991. Longer nights.
992. Rain showers just before dawn.
993. Bread and jam.
994. Anita and David.

1 comment:

Karen L said...

I hope you don't stop at 1,000. This list blesses me every week.