Monday, September 20, 2010

One thousand gifts (995-1000) ... and still counting

995. Gain in loss.
996. September skies.
997. Detailed breakfast orders.
998. An afternoon walk in the park.
999. A sticky-footed caterpillar in the palm of my hand.
1000. The One Thousand Gifts journey, and one thousand ways the God of the universe blesses me.

To think I could have missed it ... I could have not noticed gifts all around me: in heart-shaped clouds, hot-air balloons on the horizon, September skies; gifts for the senses: coffee with milk and sugar, chocolate, the smell of sunshine my childrens' hair; gifts for the soul: gain in loss, love whispers in His Word, meeting Him in worship; gifts for this life, for this heart: little hands to hold, homeschooling, hope--there's so much more.

Wordbites filling a page, snapshots burned in memory, my thoughts just snippets ... when I drive to the library and see farm fields alight in golden rays ... birds tossed about in wind like a shaken sheet ... leaves in heart shapes poking through mulch in the garden. Father, how could I not thank you?

In this quiet moment, I remember gifts over this short course of time--not about luck or fortune or stuff or good things that happen to me or word pictures that capture stills of life. It's about the One who gives them. It's about remembering a God who continues to pour out His love, abundantly ... a creator God who is not distant and far-off from hearts, but who is ever-present and living in the details: His splendor seen in flaming sunsets; His power rushing in crashing surf; His heart seeping from the giggle of a child or the repentant tears of a broken heart; and His love evident in the person of Jesus Christ--a gift of life, for life.

How could I count these blessings and not consider the One who gives them? And how could I stop acknowledging His gifts daily?

I am thankful for:

1001. Hope in waiting.
1002. Finding contentment in the now.
1003. Cinnamon Roll coffee pods.
1004. Growing pains.
1005, 1006. Not being the most popular kid in the class, and not having to be.
1007. Saturday morning book clubs.
1008. Ponchos crocheted by my dad for the girls.
1009. Blueberry lime jam.
1010. Feet fights on the couch.

The Gratitude Community, counting One Thousand Gifts on Mondays ... you can join too over at A Holy Experience.


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...


You wrote my heart and mine leaps.

Thank you --- I write on thanks with you -- because how could we not?

So utterly grateful for you...
All's grace,

Courtney said...

Thank you, Ann, again for encouraging me to count gifts. I am changed by it.

proudgrits11 said...

I love the "Still counting." How can we not keep counting?? Sometimes I feel like there will come a day that God will be tapped out--and i am so happy that it will never happen.
I just started my 1,000 Gifts list, although I've been keeping a gratitude journal for many years. Gratitude has made all the difference in my life.
Thanks for this!

Becky said...

Thank you for sharing the goodness!

I raise up my voice in thanksgiving with you to our Heavenly Father.


Amy in Peru said...

yay! I can feel your smile and hear your laugh :)

your description of it reminded me of the gush I've felt sometimes lately...


amy in peru

Courtney said...

I am thankful to all for taking time to stop by and post a comment. Your encouragement means so much!