Friday, October 8, 2010

Boo monkey bars

I was at a park yesterday morning with the girls. We met up with a mom and her daughter for some play time. Such a beautiful fall morning. Crisp air. Bluest skies. Cool enough for a jacket. Wind blowing through aging leaves. Loved it all. It was such a great day, I never imagined my next decision would wreck me.

I saw the monkey bars and decided to give them a whirl.

"Can you do monkey bars?" I asked the mom.

"When I was little," she said, laughing.

"I couldn't even do them when I was little!" I said. But for some reason, trying to do them at forty-one seemed like a great idea. So I grabbed on.

"I would probably do better with some momentum," I mused, hanging on the first rung. But I didn't swing my body. I didn't want calloused hands. I reached for the second rung. Ugh. Then the third. Blech. I dropped.

"Every time I see those shows where people face extreme situations--like climbing a mountainside cliff or some other daredevil act of survival--I realize what a goner I am," I said. The monkey bars just confirmed it. Hanging onto a rescue rope dangling from a helicopter over the ocean? Forget it. I  might as well just wave them on, Go rescue someone else!

"I say we get some weight lifting gloves to protect our hands and start monkey bar training!" I ventured. "Come on! We can do this!" I speak in exclamation points sometimes.

She probably thinks I'm a nut.

Before bed, I could feel my chest muscles protesting. Today, they are screaming a bit louder, joined by shoulders and upper back. And my hands are calloused--at only three rungs in. Wrecked by the monkey bars. Ugh.


Rustique Art said...

So bungee jumping is probably not in the future for you either :)

That is how I felt after I water skied for the first and last my arms were going to fall off.

Rowing a boat..I would like to try that, good arm workout while sitting down!

Courtney said...

Ha! No bungee jumping. =)

But I will try those monkey bars again!