Friday, October 22, 2010

Child's play

When we had a yard sale this summer, Lanie and Erin reenacted yard sales with dolls and My Little Ponies. They sold stuff and bargained and got lemonade.

When we put our house on the market, Lanie and Erin packed and moved ponies around, visiting different places where the ponies might live.

When Lanie got a spy kit for her birthday and the kids watched a spy movie, Shane and I knew that ponies would be reenacting scenes from the movie ... Special Agent Rainbow Dash and Special Agent Pinkie Pie. And that's pretty much what happened. (I loved how she wrote me a love note in "invisible" ink: I Love Mommy.)

After Lanie's ordeal this week, and being home safe and sound, I was vacuuming the floor and walked past the kids' playroom to see Lanie cradling a doll. "She's going to the doctor," she told me.

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