Friday, October 15, 2010


She has reminded me daily since my own birthday that her day is coming. Last night, in my arms, I looked down into her beautiful blues and remembered holding her for the very first time.

"I held you in my arms for nearly the entire first six weeks of your life," I remembered. Shane nodded.

"You never put me down?" she asked.

"Not for long."

"You wanted Mommy for everything," Shane added. "You'd run right past me to get to her if you got hurt."

"I guess I was your favorite!" I whispered loudly, in jest.

"And I'm your favorite, right Mom?" she returned.

"Now what do you think the right answer to that would be?" I replied, as a mother of two.


And while she would correct me to say she's not officially eight until 5:59 p.m.:

Happy birthday to my favorite eight year old in the whole world!


Nora said...

Happy Birthday, Lanie!!!! See you tomorrow!!!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Nora! We are so excited! Of course, it's not even 8:00 on her birthday and Lanie is lamenting she's bored ...


Beckie said...

Happy 8th to a beautiful girl! Glad we could spend a bit of time with you today and look forward to even more fun tomorrow. Your mom is the best party planner ever...just wait till you experience it! = )

Beckie said...

ps. Thanks for the pumpkin spice coffee. I got some work done around the house this afternoon. BUZZZZ!!

Courtney said...

LOL, Beckie. I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor!

Coffee is good.