Saturday, October 2, 2010

It makes me want to dance

A munchkin voice singing out into the evening,

"All I know is God loves me, and it makes me want to dance!"

Over. And over.

I got up from my chair and peeked around the corner to see Erin seated at the piano bench, tapping away on keys. I soaked in the moment. She turned to me, and with a glowing face and bright smile said, "Did you hear my beautiful song?"

Yes. I did.

Erin Reese-y Rooster. With her cockadoodle doo; silly bands; stuffed animals; Noonoo blankets (one tattered, one new); her love of wake-up couch cuddles; My Little Ponies; Uno Attack player; The Fib lover; cars in a line to make traffic; reading books perfect for little hands; picture drawing; alphabet magnet frames around pictures on the fridge; her love of chocolate (she gets that from me); copy cat; animal lover; outgoing friend; thinking of others; bottom shaker; tootie girl; cuddle bug.

I hear your beautiful song, and I know that God loves you. And it makes me want to dance.


Karen said...

She had fun in KidPoint. Glad she was able to remember the words to the song!

Karen said...
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