Monday, October 25, 2010

One thousand gifts and still counting (1065-1099)

This week is a blur of thankfulness:

full moon, Smencils, homeschooling, a strong willed girl, our pediatrician taking time to visit us in the hospital, Gatorade, Boo buckets, rustling leaves, cards in the mailbox, parent beds on the hospital floor, God in the whisper, a friend willing to step in to advocate, hot coffee, mommy masks, results, grape popsicles, clean clothes, glue pictures with leaves and crayon wrappers, friends who called and prayed for Lanie, cinnamon roll French toast made with love for breakfast, someone to fill in for me on 66 Books while I was at the hospital, two friends to handle delicate matters, gentle speakers, chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles, a healthy child, being home, leftover taco salad, dishes placed his way in the dishwasher, a lunch box on the counter top, volunteering at the academy, fall, pumpkin scented candles, risking love, disarming fear, hand lotion.

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Beckie said...

Got your card in the mail today. So thankful for your friendship too. Hugs to you!