Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Erin's request for dinner, "Betchables."


Leaving the polling center, Erin says loudly and proudly, "Vote for Kaelyn and Becca!" (Our friends and next-door neighbors' daughters.)


Erin got a new pair of shoes that light up, like Lanie's. She's so excited to have them, I no longer have to put socks and shoes on her feet. She does it all on her own.


Last night, I was too tired to stay up and read. Shane told me he was going to bed and I said I was following. I was a few minutes behind him, and as I entered the darkened room, he waited till I walked past and made a sinister sound and reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I screamed. Then I girlie smacked him down while he howled with laughter. The whole time he was brushing his teeth, I could hear him laughing.

"We'll see if you're still laughing when there's no sandwich in your lunch tomorrow!" I threatened. He just kept laughing. (I made the sandwich anyway.)


Lanie has been a self-starter and taking initiative to help around the house. I was telling Shane about how helpful she's been, when I caught Erin reaching into the silverware drawer and heading over to the table. She was setting the table ... with baby spoons.


In jest (well, sort of, not really) I said, "Raise your hand if you think we should have another baby!" Lanie and I raised our hands. Erin said, "Raise your hand if you think we should have ice cream!" I was outnumbered.


6intow said...

Love all these little glimpses!
And, I vote for ice cream and a baby. ;)

jodie said...

Oh my that last one made me LOL!!!!

Beckie said...

Me too Jodie, me too!


I agree with Erin too. Ice cream definitely and a baby most definitely!

Courtney said...

Ok, so you ladies need to come over for the next vote and be ready to raise your hands for ice cream and baby. I'll let you know when. Strength in numbers, you know ...