Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like a junkie

I had been watching a boxed set of Beatrix Potter books on eBay. The auction had just over a day left on it. It was for all twenty-three books--the cute, perfect for a three-year-old size like the library has. I was almost drooling. The starting offer was $19.99.

I curiously tapped in a few dollar bids to see where the threshold was. Then I decided I would wait to put in my real, final, not chasing after this item bid. The kids and I went to a bounce house place and jumped the morning away with a friend. Then we had lunch out, a novelty--being visited by a costumed employee who looked like a cow. Erin invited him to her birthday party. He nodded yes. They high fived.

I got home with at least fifty-five minutes to spare on the auction. Christy called and we chatted.

"Do you want to witness the moment?" I asked.

"Sure." So we chatted some more.

Four minutes. Three minutes.

"You should get your bid ready," she suggested. Amateur. I was going to wait. But she started to get me distracted with a new thread in the conversation so I told her to be quiet.

Fifty seconds. Forty.

"Should I ready the bid?"


I put in my numbers, and with eleven seconds, sent it in. I was top bidder.

"Listen for it!" I said. "Six, five, four--NO, NO, NO! I got outbid!"

"Oh!" We laughed. "I thought you had it. I was sure you had it!"

"I know! Somewhere, someone is LAUGHING that they snatched it away!" It was actually rather entertaining.

Win some. Lose some.

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