Monday, November 15, 2010

One thousand gifts and still counting (1135-1155)

God is awesome. So thankful for:

1135. Acceptance.
1136. Widowers loved and remembered.
1137. And the people who love and remember them.
1138. A beautiful skyline in the sideview mirror.
1139. Free turkey.
1140. A visit from my dad.
1141. Crafty friends.
1142. Coconut M&Ms to give away.
1143. Saturdays at church.
1144. The writers on 66 Books who show up every day. We're in the home stretch of our second year and I feel JOY.
1145. Fresh figs.
1146. Nightmares replaced by happy dreams.
1147. Heroes and she-roes who serve and have served this country.
1148. Movie night with the ladies.
1149. Coffee and donuts with my girl.
1150. A really great hug.
1151. Entertaining unexpected guests.
1152. Prayer.
1153. Lollipop trees.
1154. A cozy bed.
1155. Thanks that spills out of my kids' mouths while creating a mantle leaf garland.

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