Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey talk

I got up just after seven and walked into a kitchen that looked like someone had spent the night baking. Lots of prep work, and a feeling of "hurry up and wait." Turkey cooking. Potatoes baking. Other stuff planned out through the day with start and end times. The house smells wonderful.

Erin decided last night to boycott turkey.

"Well are you going to eat other stuff?" I asked.

"What kind of stuff?" she wondered.

"Well, there's stuff. And stuffy stuff. And other stuff. But don't eat the stuffy, stuffy stuff," I joked.

She laughed.

Today, she was mesmerized by Jack's Big Music Show. She sang and danced along with it. As I fixed her some juice and gave her a big hug, she shared these thoughts, "You know the mom on Jack's Big Music Show? I saw her open the door, but I didn't see her."

"You can hear her voice," I commented.

"Yes. But I think she's invisible."


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