Thursday, November 11, 2010


Having to laugh at the whatever in Whatever Monday Brings thankful item 1134.

I woke up to Lanie's cries at 5 a.m. from a nightmare. I comforted her and decided I might as well stay up since I was working at the co-op that day. I went to leisurely cruise the internet in search of a crafty template for a homemade advent calendar.

I found this cute little snowflake flurry calendar. And this adorable circle tree calendar. And, thanks to a friend who is going to help me sew with my sewing machine, we will be attempting to recreate this masterpiece, a la Pottery Barn Kids. (In fact, we just got all the supplies today. Yay!)

But while I was scooting around to another crafty site, I managed to pick up two viruses. Lights flashed on the computer, and a total cyber meltdown was about to ensue. I called Shane.

"I'm at work," he said. "I really can't do anything from here. But don't click anything that reads exe."

So I headed over to a software site and download the things I should have had to begin with and fix the problem. At that point, I was running late for school: wake up kids, get all dressed, teeth brushed, food fixed, lunches too, tidy house, into the car, get to school. Pant, pant.

Nearly had a table fall on me. Almost had fingers smashed twice from table legs that weren't locked. There were a couple of other things too that, fortunately, made me laugh.

But what I was really hoping to be thankful for was a decision we were waiting to hear at the end of the day. It was good. And I'm thankful.

Side note: Who's the creep who puts computer viruses on Christmas Advent Calendar sites? Scrooge! That is messed up. And you owe me $40. (As far as I know, the sites linked above are safe. Cruise away.)


Courtney said...

And thankful for snafus throughout the day that were reminders to be thankful in all circumstances.

Beckie said...

So the good news had to do with "acceptance" right??

Courtney said...

Yes. Acceptance is a lovely thing.