Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have a penny, leave a penny

The kids were tired early last night. Erin has been fighting a head cold for the past few days, and she was ready to crash early (at 7 p.m.) after reading a stack of Mr. Putter and Tabby books with me on the couch. By 7:40, both kids were jammied up and falling asleep in bed.

I got as much mileage out of internet stuff as I could, but by some time after eight, I was bored with it. I opted for a book and blanket on the couch. Shane joined me, and soon we were chatting well past our bedtime.

I remembered when my youngest stepson would come visit us frequently. At about eight years old (then), he thought it was so cool one night when I announced at 9:00 p.m. I wanted ice cream and we piled into the car and went to Mr. Teddy's for soft serve down the road (no longer there, having been replaced by Baskin Robbins).

On one trip, I remember the total coming up to something $X.06. I didn't have any change on me, and I reached into the little cup on the counter ledge for the extra. You know those "have a penny, leave a penny, need a penny, take a penny" dishes some places have for change. Six cents was a stretch, but, YES, I DID IT.

Then to my horror, I looked at the dish after digging through it and giving it to the cashier, the once "have a penny" dish had been replaced by a dish that read, "TIPS".

I took from their tip jar! I started apologizing profusely and went to take the change back for the dish. The cashier waved it off, but Shane and Zach ragged on me for it the whole ride home. Ten years later, sitting on the couch with Shane, we still laughed till tears.

I have never made that mistake again.


firefly said...

I can not help but laugh at this!! It sounds like something I would do!! :)

Courtney said...


I think I take after my mom w/ some of my antics. She had a bit of goof in her. LOL