Monday, March 21, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1457-1498)

for the woman who printed out my sister's bank statements and didn't charge her for it
that my sister felt blessed on a very difficult day
grocery stores with food in them
a mattress
with blankets

clean water
a home
hot showers
clean clothes
children tucked safely in bed

grass greening
good weather for grilling
exercising with Lanie

phone calls and emails
friends who aren't afraid of tears
his warmth in the hug
gifted cookies and tea on the patio with a friend the day Bob died

birthday parties
a lost key that was found (big grins!)
coconut flavored coffee pods in limited edition
smiles that last the day
a full heart

big full moon
talking to Erin on the phone and her "I love you, Mama."
The most, the most, the most (being loved the most by her)
glow golf
birthday cake

smart phones
book clubs

trials that bring me closer to You
that You hear prayers
computer hearts (<3)

and Jesus pins


Beckie said...

I'm so glad the lost was found and that I am certain that you love Jesus and I get to spend eternity with a great friend.

Courtney said...

I <3 eternity.

Love you! Thanks for the great laugh.