Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big sister

We attended a really fun Easter egg hunt/brunch today. The rain let up long enough that eggs got scattered and kids set out to find them. Precious. My girls had been looking forward to it all week. Near the end of the brunch, extra treats were handed out in festive baggies: cocoa krispie and marshmallow bird nests, with peeps and malted candy eggs. So crazy cute. (Wishing I had photographed it!)

It was nearly time to go. Suddenly Erin comes running up to me in sobbing tears. I held her close and she cried hard against my neck.

"What's wrong?" I asked over and over. She wouldn't tell me. Just tears.

After she calmed a bit, we went to say our goodbyes to friends since we had to get back home and get Shane to head out for the afternoon. On the walk home, Erin told me one of the really little kids took the rice krispie bird's nest away from her. As we walked, Lanie took her own and put it in Erin's egg bucket. Oh, the smiles, all of us.

Sister love.

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