Monday, April 18, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1538-1565)

cloud shadows that chase the road
little surprises for Easter baskets
an hour to browse the bookstore

sisters playing happily outside
the greenest grass
brunch menus
a call from my dad
coffee with a neighbor

smiles and hugs in the church lobby
a light heart
love notes and scripture hidden in the pages of Lanie's next thankful journal

singing praises in the car with Erin
pizza for lunch
question 16 on the heart health survey
decisions to move on

walking partners
curriculum conventions
running into people from the past (a high school teacher, a former coworker, a woman I met at McDonalds 3 years ago)
textbooks for Lanie
textbooks for Erin

new chapters
dinner with David and Anita for Passover
my husband's fleece jacket

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