Monday, April 25, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1566-1621)

a fiery orange and pink sunset sky at 7:57 p.m.
the evening silhouette of trees
windows open
lunch with a grown-up
purple flower postage stamps

a thank you note
her 87-year-old handwriting
happiness now
the Seder table: the settings, the ambiance, the company

the giving away of things
her voice after court
park walks with a friend
enjoying where I am on the way to where I'm going
The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer

little dirty feet
birds singing outside of my window
coffee in the afternoon
the woman who leads Lanie's church class
peppered olive oil on a white plate

hallel: praise and thanksgiving
kids running across the yard for flying belly swings
$20 lost and found
driveway chats at dusk with a friend
bare feet

brunch with my family
puzzle playing with Erin and my dad
his laugh and tears
egg hiding with Linda
the girls on a hunt

chocolate bunnies consumed
sour patch jelly beans
asparagus on the grill
the longest visit ever--delightful

the smile in my heart at the sound of doors opening and closing (Lanie searching for a basket)
Easter baskets found in the morning
that $1 coloring books can still be a favorite gift
sister love
colored plastic eggs

halter dress with a pink ribbon
tight squeeze hugs
thunder overhead
cold rain on bare arms
rushing with Shane to gather outdoor cushions

her dance in the foyer
serenaded by a sister's piano playing (O Come All Ye Faithful--in April)
a phone call from Denise
the curly haired little boy at Chik-Fil-A pointing at Shane and making him laugh
missing apples from a bowl

other people's mothers
picture taking
smiles from strangers
peach tree blossoms
that He is who He is and did what He did

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