Friday, May 27, 2011


Allergy season kicked in full force for me this week. Generally runs this week, next week, maybe one more. I became acutely aware of this back in the days when Shane and I would do charity bike rides ... always on some farmy, grassy plain; always around Memorial Day. My eyes would swell shut and I'd sneeze anytime I spent more than five minutes outside.

Some years are better than others. However, that might be related to the time I stay inside during these weeks, enjoying iced tea and air conditioning.

Even Erin and Lanie have been sniffling and sneezing. The girls thought they had a cold. I suggested it might be allergies.

The past few days, I've been outside. Last night after dinner, I sat on the patio reading a book while the girls skipped through sprinklers. When it was time to get the kids ready for bed, my eyes were itchy and bloodshot. I rubbed them.

"I think you've convinced the kids they have allergies," he remarked.

Insert puzzled eyebrow raise.

"I'm serious," he continued. "I don't have allergies because I believe I don't have allergies."

I laughed.

"Then I believe I'm going to have a baby!"

How could I resist?

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