Friday, May 13, 2011

Erin's picks

If you asked Erin what books she likes, she'd tell you:

The Worrywarts by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Erin made me read this to her at least three times in a row. It's filled throughout with w's so that when you're finished reading, your lips feel like they got a big-time workout. She requests this one nearly every time we go to the library.

Always Listen to Your Mother by Florence Parry Heide. This is a fun one of a little boy whose mother only wants him to make friends with other children who always listen to their moms. A fun little twist. Cute for four year olds, even if the art is a little spooky.

The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit  by Beatrix Potter.

We love all her books and snagged the whole collection on eBay for Christmas. Erin is repeatedly drawn to this one. It makes me laugh because the fierce bad rabbit looks exactly like the sweet rabbit.

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