Thursday, May 26, 2011

The first day of summer vacation

I had to laugh yesterday. After a full morning of field day activities, a packed lunch, a drive for ice cream, sprinklers and other fun, as the afternoon lazed toward dinner, Lanie says, "I'm bored."

On our first full day of summer vacation, I awoke to her big blues staring into my face to wake me up for breakfast. I promised pancakes. Luckily, I had buttermilk. I included a side of super plump blueberries and a cup of milk.

I enjoyed a morning cup of coffee. Then Lanie produced two bottles of nail polish: a shiny purple base and a multi-sprinkle topper. During the school year, she's not allowed to wear nail polish on Academy days. But now, IT'S SUMMER. Two coats of base and a super sprinkle top coat.

The household breathed easier this morning.Cuddles. Book read alouds. Changing Polly Pockets clothing so many times--I had no idea we had so many.

Getting the day rolling, I tidied rooms and vacuumed, pulled out Lanie's backpack to empty it. Finished school books and one we'll continue to use over the summer as it transitions into third grade lessons. Her uniform sweater. Her pencil box--I opened the lid covered in stickers of smilies and super job to view erasers, crayons, pencils with grips. I held onto the little sweater, these things, to imprint them in memory forever, these sweet elementary years.

I put the empty backpack on a high shelf in the closet and closed the door.


~she~ said...

Isn't it something how they can already be bored the first day of vacation?!?

Courtney said...

LOL. I know!