Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hold on

When I was growing up, there was no music. My sisters locked themselves behind closed doors listening to what my mom called drug music during the seventies. After they left, the house was silent.

When my mom died, I moved back in with my dad and was surprised to hear music in the house. He loved country and bluegrass. I felt kind of sad for him, all those years he didn't sing.

When I became a mom, I thought of the silence in my childhood home. This house would have music. But by Lanie's fourth year, we were both quickly outgrowing Laurie Berkner and The Wiggles.

I was happy to find Christian radio. The music is contemporary, positive. After dropping Lanie off at the co-op today, Erin sang along loudly and clearly to Toby Mac's Hold On.

And I felt good in my heart.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to recommend this song to our group! I have the drum machine with the rhythm, and I think the song would be a great one to open the service, or call people to worship. Thanks 4 pointing this song out.


Kristina said...

How sweet, that she is singing that song! I love to hear Lily sing, even though most of the words dont make sense! :) It is one of my favorite things to hear her sing!

Karen said...

Just yesterday, Katy was scrolling through my iPhone and chastised me, "Mom, you don't have any Toby Mac!!!"

~she~ said...

I have seen tobyMac in concert too many times to count! He is an awesome man!

The house where I grew up had music playing all the time. Mostly easy listening, Big Band, or piano instrumental. It's probably why my brother and I are so into music today.