Thursday, May 12, 2011

I took a picture of spoons

My friend Doris came over yesterday for lunch. It was a treat in itself to see her, because I think it's been about three years since we last visited. But then she brought treats for us. The girls got a Klutz book for playing string games like Cat's Cradle. Then Doris handed me a rectangular box and I pulled these out:

I gushed. The cutest measuring spoons ever. Little kitty handles. Paw prints. Meows and food bowls. Adorable. Today, the girls and I will be baking cookies and I know whenever I pull those spoons out, I will think of Doris.

Yeah, definitely making cookies today.

The new do: bangs, which I haven't had in about five years or more.


Kristina said...

Those spoons are too cute!! I have never seen them with cats. I just love cats! :)

Courtney said...

She got them at a cute little shop. But the shop is a tiny one (not even a FB page; you can bet I would have liked them!) with hardly a website. I might have to take a trip there and see what they've got.