Monday, May 2, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1622-1650)

sunrise sky on the road to Panera
a nap on the couch
her drawing of the two of us, rounded cheeks and big, happy grins
new clothes for Lanie

gifted school materials
admittance into friends' grief
a friend to mall walk with
the free chocolate at Godiva

free movies on demand
popcorn snacking with the kids
headaches that go away

22 kids in the backyard--that was so much fun!
extending hospitality
chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches
storms that pass
a call from my dad

garden dreams--the potager
a hot air balloon ride across a morning horizon (as seen from our backyard)
Lanie's smile
a 4 year old's tears at goodbyes (watching Toy Story cuddled on the couch)
holding her close with kisses and comfort till she fell asleep

garden planting with Denise (rosemary, basil, cucumber, mint, tomato, sweet peas) in the rain
buttered noodles with salt, pepper and thyme
sleepiness gaining
socks on my feet
clean clothes

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