Monday, May 9, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1651-1679)

1651. For bedtime truth talks with an 8 year old, and a glimpse into how she sees the world
1652. Answered prayers
1653. Thunderstorms
1654. Cool temps and slow-growing grass
1655. Panera Rewards cards
1656. Running hugs from a 4 year old
1657. Stripey jackets
1658. Tamed eyebrows and a new do
1659. Kids on best behavior
1660. Backyard birthday parties
1661. Wooden seat rope swing hanging from a mature tree
1662. GPS
1663. Country roads
1664. Hope surges
1665. Lollipops after kids' haircuts
1666. Fever hugs
1667. Piano practice, music throughout the house
1668. Bulging canvas tote of library books
1669. Boxcar Children
1670. His and hers tractors
1671. The older man who delivered (the tractor), who loves the country better than anything else
1672. Sunny forecasts
1673. Handmade cards
1674. Drumstick ice cream cones in the Walmart parking lot with my people
1675. An opportunity to honor women in my life
1676. Hand-delivered strawberries with cream cheese and chocolate shavings
1677. Hoppity ball races with Erin in the backyard
1678. Mother's Day texts, emails and phone wishes
1679. A Scooby-doo lunchbox and her arms around me

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Karen said...

I loved the Boxcar children. When Katy started reading them, I read them, too. I always wanted to live in a boxcar and solve mysteries and find out I had a wealthy grandfather, just like they did...