Monday, May 16, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1680-1695)

1680. Rainbow pants.
1681. The Spring Program at the co-op, Lanie on stage singing, "Me, a name I call myself."
1682. Her smiles.
1683. Hoppity balls.
1684. Lunch with Marshall's mom.
1685. Country drives.
1686. Frozen chocolate bars.
1687. Lunch with Doris.
1688. Reggie.
1689. A good book to read.
1690. Little girls who can be little girls.
1691. Gifted measuring spoons.
1692. Dinner with Kristine.
1693. Rows of lettuce sprouting
1694. Lots of little green strawberries.
1695. The frog hanging out by the grill.

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