Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parent on patrol

At the homeschool co-op we have attended the past three years, you are either a tutor or a POP (parent on patrol).

POPs clean up after these kids in the cafeteria, vacuum and sweep up the church's floors, plunge clogged toilets (or mop up over flows), monitor kids at recess, take out trash, clean tables and counter tops, put on band-aids to wounded kiddos, make copies, assist tutors when needed (usually younger grades), file copies, and all other duties as assigned. If a POP can't make it in on their day (for any reason), they have to pay someone to fill their spot.

I just served my last POP day on Monday.

The other night, I handed over a handwriting (reproducible) book to Shane and asked if he would make several copies of the marked pages so Lanie would have some practice sheets. He gives me a look.

"What, am I a POP now?" he asks. Actually, he's just the one with access to a copier.

I laughed.

"I might not do a good job," he joked.

"Then you can pay me $60 and I will do it for you," I replied. He laughed.

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