Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Person, place or thing

Lanie and I played Mystery Garden today. It's kind of like Twenty Questions, in that you ask "yes" or "no" questions, but you only get fifteen tries. If you get a "yes", it doesn't count against you. A player selects a picture tile and the other player tries to guess what it's a picture of by looking at the big picture. If this doesn't make sense, go get your own game and read the directions. It's actually kind of fun, but mostly because you spend time with someone you super love.

At my house, this is what it sounds like.

Lanie: "Is it a person?"

Me: "No."

Lanie: "Is it a place?"

Me: "No."

Lanie: "Is it a thing?"

Me: "Yes."

She continues asking questions to narrow it down, each time being met with my "no." Finally, she runs out of question chances, which means I get to keep the tile. I show her the picture of a potted plant.

"It's a plant," she said.


"You said it was a thing," she continued.

"It is a thing."

"A plant is a plant, not a thing," she argued.

"A plant is a thing," I explained.

"No, a plant is a plant," she said.

I look at her with barely a smile, as I try to keep laughter from jumping out of my face. The smile grows until a bah-ha-ha slips out. Fortunately, she joined in and we had a good several minutes of giggles. The next time it was her turn to guess, she made sure to specify "plant" as a question.

"Can we play it again tomorrow?" she asked.

"You bet."