Monday, June 27, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1849-1877)

cardboard boxes gifted
towering armloads of packing paper

places to call home
photo memories
ice cream cake
fresh lettuce from the garden
potatoes roasted with rosemary

mason jars
a cold Coke from a friend
a biscuit made with butter
kids artwork back on the fridge front
sun rays breaking through cloud coverage and Lanie pointing it out

Wipeout (recorded) and popcorn after church
little birdies in our yard
how she hangs from the lowest branch
picnic blankets
finding missing game pieces

a welcome sign in the mail
bunnies in the yard
friends who call and wish well for the coming weeks
cold milk over cereal
her sparkly ballet flats

things to think about
roses in a vase from my sister's garden, fragrant
basil to share over the fence

hearty approval (amen)
a quiet chat with Linda about happiness

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