Friday, July 29, 2011

The in-between

We moved our things out last Monday. We are staying with Shane's brother until our settlement on the next house, next week. All throughout, I have been humbled by, amazed at God's provision and plan:

  • the urging on our hearts a year ago
  • opened doors and his encouragement
  • for friends who comfort, bolster, pray, and bring juice boxes and snacks
  • for sellers who let us move our things in early and place them in rooms, that she's pulling weeds in the garden, her thoughtful cleaning and explanation of caring for appliances
  • for in-laws who graciously, generously host and care for us
  • free use of a box truck
  • movers who cheerfully placed, assembled and repaired
  • play invitations from friends during the in-between
  • a glimpse into his majesty and a bigger plan

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