Monday, July 4, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1878-1902)

blue skies
piano music
a hug between friends: the picture of Lanie and Ben dated 2006

quick breads
a place that feels like home
the acute awareness of time
memories that break me

thoughts that consume a child's mind
first things to do when we move
kids on the playset
opportunities for hospitality

friends over one last time
a fireworks display
an evening breeze
baby bunnies in my garden, my girls intently watching them

chocolate chip/white chip cookies
lasts: the last Father's day, Fourth of July, dinner parties, play dates in this home
little kicky feet treading water in the pool
her tired slump just minutes after getting buckled for home

a solar powered light my dad made for me
Shane's thoughts that put so much in perspective, so grateful for him

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