Monday, July 11, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (1903-1929)

country roads
tootie girls in the back seat giggling
farm field smells grossing them out

no hurry
a busy yard sale
an old man's hug goodbye
tears that come quickly
emptied rooms

sunny skies
a fifteen-minute nap
Hello Kitty boots, gifted to Erin
chocolate in the freezer

shady drives and dappled light
a box of brownie mix
and a reason to bake them
good septic fields
familiar faces at the library

a good last sip in the coffee mug when I thought it was empty
baby bunnies on the patio
found Leapster cartridges
downsizing closets
a dining room set: sold

Linda's hug and "love you"
my dad
blue sundress with polka dots and how her eyes glow


6intow said...

Starting my own list soon. I am reading the book and loving it. Thank you for these frequent glimpses into the gifts God places in your life and your reminders to notice them. :)

Happy moving, Friend!

Courtney said...

I saw your post that you were reading it. I just got a copy from the library, but haven't cracked the spine yet. I've been reading her blog for a few years now. Honestly, it's been life-changing: this full-time seeking of his hand in everything. Hoping you'll publish your list too.

Thanks for the move wishes, Erin. Two weeks to go ... Shane has asked me not to cry at the settlement table. =)