Saturday, July 30, 2011

The wind in my hair

I only remember the first couple of words to this song. If anyone wants to fill in the artist, title ... feel free:

"The wind in my hair, the sand in my shoes, I'm hitting the highway forgetting my blues ..."

At the beach with my man and little people. Afternoon of waves and sand. Ice cream for dinner. Too late at the amusement park: lights, rides, giggles and shrieks.

Erin bolted for the little train to ride around the park, first thing. We rode together. She looked around the park grounds and commented on the ponds, "It's so beautiful."

She couldn't wait to get Shane and Lanie to show them. I love looking at life with a four year old.

Lanie loved the slides and climbing mazes. It was going on 11 p.m. when we left. I don't think we've ever kept them up that late. I slept hard, the best night's sleep in over a week.

Today: hoping to get a healthy lunch, and spending the afternoon at the water park. Grateful for a husband who got me a large coffee and lots of cream and sugar to start off the day.

This is life in the in-between.


Anonymous said...

The Wind in my hair, the sand in my shoes
I'm hittin' the highway forgettin' my blues
and I'm lookin' for someone to guide me a long
But in the meantime I'm singin' a song
Oh, is anybody there, is anyone around
To help a lonely guy get his feet back on the ground

The Song is called Is Anybody There? It was sung by Bobby Sherman in 1971

Courtney said...

Dear Anonymous,

You rock.



Anonymous said...

Bobby Sherman it was one of my favorite songs . Although I can not think of all the lyrics or what is was called LOL