Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A good thing

We were going to start school next week with a worked out plan, a project table, a completed school room and pencils sharpened. However, we couldn't wait. We started today. After play date friends left this morning, we pulled out books and pencils and camped on the floor for the fall's first lessons. Grateful for routines restored.

It wasn't a full load (yet), just enough to satisfy our craving.

Facebook is full of photos of children getting on buses. Our first day looks a little different.

Lanie starts third grade. Erin begins preschool.

We are not in a co-op this school year. I am taking on the load myself and looking forward to it. A homeschool mom writes encouragement about ART on her blog and I take it to heart.

Easing into first days, full load beginning next week (hopefully at a project table versus a picnic blanket!).

I love September.

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