Monday, August 22, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2128-2170)

poison ivy on the other side of the fence

juicy plums
cookies in the freezer
getting back to church

friends visiting
lunch at Wegmans
cranberry juice
ice cream on a Saturday night
new shoes

Reggie's help in the front garden
a baby boy to cuddle
resting him in Erin's arms
her precious gaze into his face
fixed cable issues

banana chocolate chip bread
a new piano teacher for Lanie
a blue sky
shelter under the trees
a pool date with my sister-in-law

laundry caught up
a new bar of soap
a grocery store that's close to home
the deer running through the back yard
Joel's kind face

the DIY channel
music through cable
pretty yellow light from the chandelier over the kitchen table
a good man
flip-flop wine with the twisty cap

a princess dress and the little princess who pranced through town in it
a new library
a new library card
the difference "here" makes
a good night's sleep

clean floors
more boxes unpacked
two apple trees
walnut trees
life, rearranged

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