Monday, August 29, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2171-2200)

2171. sitting with stuff instead of reacting
2172. a friend down the street for Lanie
2173. gifted mums
2174. cookies with sprinkles
2175. David asleep on a summer afternoon in my backyard

2176. Anita's smiles
2177. whimsical tiles
2178. pictures unpacked and waiting to be hung
2179. Linda over for dinner on a Friday night
2180. the night lights in the garden

2181. the broadening of a new circle: finding new stores and points of interest in a new town
2182. a chainsaw
2183. His steady hand on Shane when the earthquake hit
2184. a sunny day before the storm
2185. coffee in the house

2186. light rain on the walk to the church building
2187. worship
2188. familiar faces
2189. popcorn on a Saturday, a fun tradition resumed in a new location
2190. a solid house

2191. wind that sounded far off
2192. no serious damage after the storm
2193. phone calls checking on us from people I love
2194. bookshelves assembled in the school room
2195. leftover chocolate and peanut butter mousse bars in the fridge

2196. cupcake wine and DIY shows
2197. cool temps for raking up leaves from the storm
2198. the pull in my upper back--like years melting away
2199. dry mail
2200. their hugs goodnight

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