Sunday, August 14, 2011

One week

We moved into the new place over just over a week ago. The kitchen and bedrooms are unpacked. The basement is set up, the pantry full. Christmas and fall decorations on storage shelves. The dining room and school room still to do.

While the kids scootered and biked and swept walkways, I spent an afternoon gardening for three hours. The former owners loved gardens and they are all over the place. Grateful that she left behind brooms, dust pans, wheelbarrows, and the little bench on wheels.

So many discoveries and details that make me smile deep down: the pencil sharpener affixed to the laundry room doorway, the antique hobnail lights in the upstairs hall, working fireplaces, how the Black-eyed Susans cheerily greet from the vase on the counter top (cookbook open in the stand, but instead of for show, for pleasure).

I had mentioned to her that I'd been looking at captain's bells online.

"We have one," she said. She pulled away the clematis to reveal the bell. And joy bubbled inside at all the little details that awaited us. Thank you, God.

A week at home and we have internet and cable and phone. And the house smells cozy (except for what Erin dubs "ugly" in the basement), and the wood floor tones are warming, and I catch myself saying frequently to Shane, "Can you believe we're here?"

One week in, and the captain's bell chimes in the back yard. Piano music fills the inside spaces. Little feet thump and scamper. And Lanie discards life jacket and water wings, slides fearlessly down the slide and goes under water in the pool. Confident.

There are loud night sounds, and cawing crows, and daddy long-legs everywhere. Deer hooves sounding in gallop as one leaps over our fence. Locust shells, spiders, and odd bugs we'd never seen in field life. Woods living is very different.

We've watched this house for over a year, and the story ends and begins anew with us here.

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