Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Believing ... the sequel

A few months back, Shane tried to convince me that he didn't have allergies because he believed he didn't.

Over the holiday weekend, he was doing some demolition in the backyard. It was hard work with sledgehammer, loading, hauling, unloading. He had truck loads of things to take out. And then the heavy rains last week flooded his office building as he and others worked to prevent further damage. It was then he hurt his back. Days and days, a hurt back--workouts skipped, meals abbreviated because he couldn't sit upright for very long. It's been a week.

"When I was younger, I would have been over this in a day," he said. "I told you I'm old."

"You would heal a lot faster if you would believe you're younger," I offered. "You aren't healing because you've convinced yourself you're too old."

And then, "We should have another baby. That'll keep you young."

I never miss an opportunity. He smiled as his logic came back to haunt him.

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