Sunday, September 25, 2011

Falling down

Scootering in the driveway, Erin takes a tumble. Scraped knee. Big tears dropping. Mouth-wide wailing. I hold her close.

Holding my hand walking up the stairs at church, footing lost. She falls. Knee hurt. Mournful wailing. I carry her all the way to the car. My arm burns. She doesn't let go.

A call to the kitchen for ice cream--incredible peanut butter fudge made by a friend. She gallops full speed and stumbles into the kitchen. Hard fall. She cries and I scoop her up.

"I want to go back to our old house," she says. Because in memories, and not so realistically based, no one ever got hurt.

I hold her close and whisper into her ear, "I will give you an extra squirt of whipped cream."

Wailing stops. Teary eyes look into mine, and she smiles.


6intow said...

I'm sure she's loving the new home, but my kids occasionally express things they miss about our old home. Usually things that they never mentioned liking or noticing while we were there. I suppose a reminder to us all to keep looking for what we enjoy in our present circumstances.

Always love reading your precious mommy moments.

Courtney said...

Aww, thanks Erin.

I am glad to know how other families are processing big changes.

Thanks for indulging me these mommy moments. =)