Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's just life

So random.

I went to the grocery store last night without any kids with me. It's a completely different vibe at night. I bought more than I might have because I actually browsed aisles. And I impulse purchased steel cut oatmeal. Shane told me I'm getting old if oatmeal is an impulse buy.

Discussing "a soft answer turns away wrath" over nighttime bed stories with Erin. And she told me, "It doesn't work." I scratched my head.

Bought a do-rag off I figured it's a good way to keep my hair out of my face and ticks off my head while I'm gardening. The do-rag is white with pretty black roses. I figured this was more my style than flames and skulls. The girls want one now and were modeling mine.

Drove three hours round-trip to get my hair cut today and realized the insanity of the task. Talked to my friend Pete, who suggested seeing someone closer. What can I say ... I'm brand loyal. Pete says guys go by the wallet. Fortunately the girls were great. I told the hair stylist I wouldn't see him again till November sometime, when the weekend yard stuff would be winding down and I could get by leaving the kids at home with Shane.

I realized I also moved with the kids, settled with the kids (twice), handled post office lines with the kids, did the MVA with the kids, and generally life at large with them. So, it's not insane really--it's just life.

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