Monday, September 5, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2201-2225)

pumpkins in a box for sale at the grocery store
the whiff of cinnamon as I walk through the door
chocolate covered strawberries, gifted, delightfully received
star stickers
sunny days

happiness in deep down places
kids that act their ages
table time giggles
bug repellent
blue and red pencil and notebook boxes

a hair cut
how she interrupts to say, "I love you"
sidewalk chalk
picture tiles hung on a kitchen wall
power through the storm

God's hand in all the details
flip-flops and jeans
a friendship bracelet to a mom (me!)
cookbooks on a shelf
hard questions

that Shane can sleep late, three days in a row
earrings and perfume
a grill
another homeschool year

1 comment:

Mary Anne Morgan said...

I love all of the gifts you counted! Blessings to you in your new homeschool year. How blessed your children are to have a mommy who is counting gifts and giving all of herself to them. Thank you for posting a comment on my blog on closing out a season. I pray God gives you joy in the coming year!

Mary Anne