Monday, September 12, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2226-2277)

honey bear bottles at the store
chunky Ticonderoga pencils
stars in the night sky
looking at creation to know more about the Creator
sisters laughing into darkness

peaches in a crumble pie
music in the rooms
patches of blue in the sky
a cat who lived up to her potential
two dead mice

chocolates in the freezer
oh, peppermint patties
a smooth end to a first full week
Mary, Queen of Scots
dance moves to a song, choreographed by an 8 year old

a husband resting on the couch
clean floors
two long-legs hanging out all day on the window screen
color swatches taped to walls
the loud night frog

books organized
a pool skimmer
butterscotch chips in scones
appetizer plates
a new piano teacher minutes away (and near the library!)

flash cards
"Take Me Out to the Ballgame" over and over
long-sleeve shirts
socks on my feet
their second wind at night

a week of rain
and my kids playing outside in it
Hello Kitty boots
Quietly Chamomile tea
the way a quick couch nap feels with a book on my chest

someone to fill in for me on 66 Books last week
a friend who noticed my absence on the blog
five, six, pick up sticks--all along the front yard
a do-rag
how she hugs me goodnight and says it's her favorite part of the day

sunshine after rain
seven yard bags full
swept patios and walkways
friends over to play
a rake

school back in session
how she misses Becca
cold bottled water
the smell of fresh cut grass
a row of marigolds

the big girl who secretly listens in on read-alouds to a little sister
computer time at the library

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