Monday, September 26, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2293-2325)

his tired eyes
and graying hair
that he continues without complaining, despite the pain

his answer on the phone to my tears
for a broken heart
a deeper yearning
a lost voice

Hershey kisses
cuddle read-alouds on the couch
a cold Coke
Lanie's arm around my shoulders

daily dozen piano practice
the piano tuned
unexpected sunshine
trimmed tree branches
many hands that make light work

Off bug repellent wipes
double-hung windows
a vase of fall colored flowers
a crusty artisan bread
with Brie

found kids' music and girls dancing
the Hokey Pokey with a Santana background
clean window sills
a local library
these slate floors

a glass of Vouvray
with my dad
his blue eyes
my kids' warm welcome for him
rust-colored mums, gifted and gratefully received


Beckie said...

I'm so happy for the visit from him!

Courtney said...

Me too. But you know that. =)