Friday, October 7, 2011

Hand me down

Erin got Lanie's old bike yesterday, outfitted with training wheels. I was in a garden preparing to plant mums when I heard the assembly sounds, air pumping into tires, and the happy shrieks.

"Mom! Erin has training wheels!"

Shane rounded the corner and explained Erin didn't want to get on the bike. Didn't want anyone to watch her. We waited.

"Mom! Erin's riding the bike!"

Lanie helped her little sister on the bike and kept a steady hand on her back to comfort. Erin peddled. Smiling. Beaming.

She cuddled in my arms this morning, decked out in brown cookie pajamas. She was grinning in daydream. Then said, "Mama, after breakfast, I want to ride my bike!"

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