Monday, October 3, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2326-2350)

the view of leaves falling from the dining room window
blue painter's tape
music from Pandora and songs from great days
a window primed and painted
socks on my feet

coffee pods and candle gifted in passing in a church parking lot
worship with a friend
a hug from an old neighbor
Joel on my doorstep with a bag of apples in hand

his wife's recipe for apple pie
her Facebook chats
how I'm falling in love again with this place
a bag of chocolate chip cookies left behind
friends over to play on my birthday

baked potato soup
guests at the dinner table
a basket gifted full
open doors
mums for my garden

the birthday song
a Sunday drop-by from Dad and Linda
hot chocolate and tea around the table
picture frames for the living room
the feeling of home

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