Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get well soon, love Pottery Barn

So I'm on the fifth day of fever, aches, coughing, nausea. Oh, and the chills. Daily wearing several shirts, sometimes a jacket inside the house, socks on my feet. Bundled on the couch in the evening in baby blankets because I'm not sure where our throws are.

Pottery Barn sends me this.

It's like they knew I couldn't find our throws, and that I'm bundled in baby blankets and multiple shirts and sometimes a jacket just to ward off chills.

It's like they knew I've been eyeballing and mentally wish-listing the blue smoke cable throw that reminds me of Cindy's curtains I've been taking down in the living room. The throw with the fleecy looking other-side. The throw made to cover a grown-up. Who is sick. With chills.

Oh, they knew.

Well, I'm sure they knew because they often send me reminders of stuff I've looked at and walked away from. Like, "Hey, Courtney, you were just here. You forgot to buy this." Oh, their clever marketing. This time, they put it on sale. How they toy ...

(Am I the only one who sticks items in the online shopping cart and then waits on buying them because I don't really need the stuff but I want the stuff, and the need and want sides have to battle it out? Usually neither side wins ... because I wait so long that something is eventually no longer available.)

Alas, thank you Pottery Barn for your concern. But I hope my only purchases today are at the grocery store (we are almost out of bread and milk) and the library to pay the 5-day overdue fine on the Mayflower book.

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