Monday, November 21, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2519-2540)

the smell of freshly painted walls
wood stacked

fancy Christmas dresses, one red and one purple with glitter
turquoise tulle for a winter wonderland themed tea party
baby blankets on a couch
a good homeschool review with the county
a turkey defrosting in the fridge

tears that come quickly
a Friday night sermon on the drive home
the miracle of here, God provides
antibiotics for a sinus infection
Girl Scout cookies hand delivered with a lunch--catching up with a bestie

bursting love and thankfulness I felt today: hot coffee in hand, breakfasting with my girls at Panera, a honey glow of pendant lighting against a drizzle gray sky, a hint of fog, my heart singing

an opening for a feverish four year old at the pediatrician's
how she slept in my arms in the waiting room
lollipops that bring smiles
a leaf banner across our mantel
silver glitter

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