Monday, November 28, 2011

One thousand gifts and still counting (2541-2561)

  • a big box of coffee delivered the day before Thanksgiving
  • a painted dining room
  • turkey plates, little cups and saucers, unpacked
  • happy faces at the table
  • icing on cupcakes, swirled high

  • the less-than-perfect, and learning to find peace in it
  • handmade potholders from my dad
  • that he was here to see his lights twinkling at night in the garden
  • dirty dishes on the counter for morning
  • an impromptu visit from David and Anita

  • her still-warm pumpkin bread, gifted
  • our first Thanksgiving here
  • mild weather with sunshine
  • the winding down of a third year on 66 Books
  • belly laughs from the best kids ever

  • the looking forward to holiday traditions
  • a glowing tree
  • raked leaves
  • photo cards in the mail
  • catching my husband eating pie from the dish the day after

  • and sunsets.


Beckie said...

Got caught up on reading your's been a couple weeks. Enjoyed them all, as usual. <3 2 U!

Courtney said...

Aww, glad you could swing by--I like having you over irl and url. =)