Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chocolate frosted with Christmas sprinkles

Rainy day. Drive downtown. Rushing kids out the door. Sandwiches in bags in hands out the door. Navigating streets of memory. Slightly stressed. Parking garage. Erin doesn't want to walk down the steps. Rainy streets. To the symphony hall. Get tickets at will-call. Find seats. Up one. Up two. To the third (after one relocation). The very.last.row.


Frowny girls. Grumpy voices. Squirmers till show starts.

Erin sits on my lap the whole time. I didn't mind. Half way through whispers, "I'm tired. Can we go yet?"

"We're almost there," I said.

Lanie needs a potty break.

"But we just had one. It's almost done. A few minutes?"

She coughs. And coughs. And coughs. Lights rise. We're out. Potty break. To the rainy streets. Up the garage stairwell. Out into afternoon traffic. Through the city. On the highway. On the expressway. One falls asleep. I had promised a treat. Dunkin' Donuts ahead. Two kids out of the car. In the rain. In line.

"One red icing with sprinkles," I said. "And one chocolate frosted with the Christmas sprinkles, please."

Pay. Out the door. In the car.

"Who might let Mommy have a tiny bite of their donut," I asked.

"You take big bites!" Erin protested.

"You can take a bite of mine, Mommy," Lanie offered.

Donuts handed out, and I stopped.

There was an extra chocolate covered donut with Christmas sprinkles. I smiled. Thankful.

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