Saturday, December 31, 2011

Days gone by

So, I don't have a specific list of things to reflect on, necessarily. 2011 was more like this:

House on the market. House sold. We moved. The end.

Wasn't that enough in itself for the year?

But there was so much in the every day, so much in the posts, in the prayer, in the pictures ... checked out this reflection of a year--20 questions for asking yourself--and I was surprised, and not surprised, at some of my answers.

Some status writers on Facebook are eager to say goodbye to 2011. But one friend's response resonated with me--that even the bad was something to cherish and not wish away--especially if it provided opportunity to grow. I couldn't agree more. I find myself thankful.

I haven't stopped counting thanks, but they haven't appeared on Mondays like they used to. I give credit to that mystery woman at church a few weeks back. At the computer prepping the list of thanks for that week, I stopped short, remembering my conversation with her. My thanks paused here:

2571. thankful for my broken heart

I think sometimes when it's all good, it's good enough. But brokenness triggers a searching, a yearning, a grasp for hope. Brokenness spurs change, passion, determination, faith. Broken places heal stronger, make us stronger, and position us to be compassionate to others in a way that might not happen at all in the granted of the all good.

Worship was intensified in the brokenness. And in that trail of thanks, over 2,500 steps long, I know I wouldn't have been able to declare 2571 a moment earlier. Now the visuals and the every little thing that pixelates this life, they just flow unnumbered, but not uncounted. I might pick it back up in lists again. But sitting quietly with 2571 this evening. (Oh, and Shane too.)

I don't suppose God sees it as coincidence that the song that ignited a word for me nearly a year ago, would be the last song I sang tonight at church. Heh, or maybe he does. But I don't.

Looking forward to a new year. Looking forward to our continued progress of making this home ours. Looking forward to a fourth year on 66Books. And a focus for 2012: Joy.

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

Ready for joy.

Happy new year!


REG said...

Like that yummy gingerbread house.

Courtney said...

We liked it too! Such a hit with the kids, and one of the easiest I've ever used. ;)